BodyCraft Rowing Machine

BodyCraft Rowing Machine

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BodyCraft Rowing Machine

BodyCraft was founded in 1994 to deliver high quality product, make every machine fulfill multiple purposes and make these machines available at affordable price. You burn more calories in less time than running or biking. Each Bodycraft machine is built to be fun that motivates you for a better workout every day. The products made by bodycraft can be used at home.Rowing acts as a stress reduction agent, improves flexibility, results in weight loss, improves cardiovascular endurance, helps in injury rehabilitation, and much more.A Bodycraft rower helps you achieve your fitness goals regardless of your experience or age. You are left with satisfying health results after using Bodycraft rowers.

The BodyCraft Fitness Rowers are well known in the fitness market for its unique features and effective result. These rowers are very effective for burning calories and toning your body.

How does a Bodycraft Rower Work?

Bodycraft Rowing Machines use Air and Eddy Current resistance systems to present you an extensive variety of resistance, permitting you to find your best training intensity. The rowers offer you almost zero impact workouts. Practically no stress is felt in the hip, knee, and ankle joints. Through this process, you exercise without the harmful side effects that you experience after running. By offering such a wide range of resistance options, Bodycraft rowers offer best exercises to beginner as well as the experienced and professionals.

List Of BodyCraft Fitness Rowers

  • BodyCraft VR100 Rowing Machine
  • BodyCraft VR200 Rowing Machine
  • BodyCraft VR400 Rowing Machine
  • BodyCraft VR500 Pro Rowing Machine

Bodycraft Rower Quality

Bodycraft designs have often been accepted as standard in the fitness industry.Their ideas are proprietary and protected by patents. When you buy direct from Bodycraft, you never have to worry about quality of the product. It stays with you for a lifetime.

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