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BodyCraft Fitness

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BodyCraft Fitness

BodyCraft is a popular brand in the word of fitness and fitness equipments. This company was established in the year 1994. The people who were after the success of Bodycraft was by industry experts Alan Gore and Randy Lundquist on the simple foundations of delivering a quality product with an array of features at an affordable price to the customer. Bodycraft believes in making workout fun exercise equipment that is easy to handle and interesting. Its passion is to provide the ultimate in safety, variety, ergonomic designs, and affordability.

Every piece of equipment of Bodycraft which is made built in a very tough base so that it last a longer life. Bodycraft never compromise with their quality for price. They have their own product warranties which are an evidence of trust and authenticity of the commitment of the company made towards its customers.

Bodycraft is meant only to stock and supply those products that are particularly made by them and they own their authenticity. It is also said that many of the designs, and ideas of Bodycraft products have been accepted as standards and widely copied by other brands. The fitness equipments based of the ideas which are proprietary and protected by patents. Bodycraft is dedicated to continue to lead the industry and help the world be a better place to live.

Products of Body Craft Fitness

BodyCraft Exercise Bikes

BodyCraft Home Gym

BodyCraft Fitness Rowers

Body Craft Treadmill


Bodycraft Products range starts from $ 400

Contact Details
Recreation Supply, Inc.
PO Box 181
65 E. Granville St.
Sunbury, OH 43074

Phone Nos
800-990-5556 - 740-965-2442

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February 14, 2023 3:21 pm

i just bought the bodycraft k1 strength training system, from a friend, nut i dont have the Manuel can i buy it from you.