AFG Fitness Customer Support in Canada

AFG Fitness Customer Support in Canada

AFG Fitness sells all its products through a E- Store in Canada. This E-Stores are stored in Canada, independently owned and operated, and ensures no duties or brokerage fees. All major products of AFG Fitness like Elliptical, Exercise Bikes and Treadmills are commonly available in this stores.

Any complaint or support regarding this products can be registered through a toll free number. AFG Fitness offers both online assistance as well as avail with a technician visit if necessary.

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All Advanced Fitness Group (AFG) products are now being sold and rebranded as Horizon Fitness.

Please visit the Horizon Fitness customer support page. All technical information and FAQs are relevant to your product.

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Dave Paterson
Dave Paterson
September 29, 2021 1:54 pm

my power cord for my elliptical AFG 5.7 AE just broke, is it possible to get a replacement cord?
Willing to pay for it as I use the elliptical all the time