AFG Ellipticals

Various elliptical brands in the fitness market have made it tricky to know which elliptical will work best for you and your goals. Thus, it is crucial that you select your elliptical on the basis of budget, goals, space available and users.

Elliptical trainers by AFG are built to reduce the impact and stress on the joints. Their elliptical machines provide an excellent full-body workout that feels incredibly natural and smooth. The SixStar Certified™ frames ensure that the body stays in proper alignment, making it easier to exercise and achieve desired goals.

All the ellipticals come with an ergonomic design, are easy to assemble, and ensure a good workout. Some of our award-winning AFG Elliptical Models are:

AFG 3.1AE Elliptical was rated the best by Leading Consumer Magazine. The features that helped it excel are:

  • SIXSTAR Certified™ frame: The SIXstar Certification™ is a unique combination of the six essential elements needed to deliver comfort, ideal body positioning, handlebar spacing, elliptical footpath, pedal placement, elliptical access and the trainer’s drive mechanism.
  • It features 20 levels of power incline that take workout experience to the next level.
  • Features like exclusive proFILE™ performance tracking technology enable up to 2 users to monitor and evaluate a variety of workout statistics, including time, calories, watts and distance. It also includes a Polar® receiver for wireless heart rate monitoring.
  • Speaker system helps you get in the zone
  • The dynamic, built-in speaker system, compatible with any MP3 device, including iPod, helps one enjoy your favourite workout playlists. There is a jack for attaching headphones too.
  • Ten different programs from Muscle Toner to Weight Loss to Reverse Train available and two custom programs are included so that a tailored workout can be created.
  • AFG offers a 3-year warranty on parts, and one year of unlimited in-home repairs.

AFG 4.1AE Elliptical scored the most recommended product rating by the Leading Consumer Magazine. It was also the 2nd Runner Up in the Treadmill Doctor Best Buy – November 2011. The features that make it the best elliptical:

  • SIXSTAR Certified™ frame
  • The heavy-duty 30-lb. flywheel facilitates a smoother, more confident ride
  • The arched Unique MAXtone™ pedal offers balance training to uniquely recreate a walking or running motion.
  • With Nike + iPod workout tracking you could join one of the world’s most prominent workout groups with Nike + iPod, which will save all the workout data directly to your iPod® and progress can be tracked on
  • 11 more exciting routines, including three custom workout programs.
  • 5-year warranty on parts, and two years of unlimited in-home repairs.

AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical got the best-recommended rating by the Leading Consumer Magazine. The features that make it the most recommended elliptical are:

  • Nike + iPod workout tracking to track your progress on
  • The 18.1AXT offers Made for iPod, easy-to-read, 16-digit alphanumeric LED and built-in speaker system.
  • ProFILE™ performance tracking technology enables up to two users to monitor and evaluate a variety of workout statistics, including time, calories, watts and distance, to help you reach your fitness goals faster.
  • 11 preprogrammed and three customizable workouts.
  • Lifetime frame warranty, two-year incline motor warranty, three years parts warranty and one-year unlimited in-home repairs.

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October 17, 2022 5:05 am

I have an AFG Eliptical Machine that I use often. It has quit working. Do I need a new. chip for it. I have replaced the little 3v battery and that is not the problem.