Yamax Pedometers

Yamax Pedometers

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Yamax Pedometers

Yamax Pedometers are well known because of its reliability, durability and accuracy. These wellness products, using japanese technology are generally used while walking, jogging, hiking or running. Some of the popular pedometers from Yamax Digi-walker are listed below-

Yamax CW200 Step Digi-Walker Pedometer-

Highly accurate, Japanese designed, protective case, steps, dual display and clock. One of the world's most respected pedometers for its excellent reliability and accuracy.

Price in USD- $22.00

Yamax CW701 Multi-Function Digi- Walker Pedometer-

This Japanese design is highly accurate and have protective case, records active time, steps, distance, stride, memory and clock.

Price in USD– $26.00

Yamax EX-210 Tri-Axis Power Walker Pedometer-

This pedometer can be used to work in any position. It can store datas of 7 days and helps in calculating steps and time.

Price in USD– $17.00

Yamax PZ271 Multi Function Power- Walker Pedometer-

The main features of this pedometer includes Highly accurate, Japanese designed, sensitive motion sensor, steps, distance, calories, memory, clock, protective case and imprinting available.

Price in USD– $25.00

Yamax SW200 Step Digi- Walker Pedometer-

This is one of the world’s most respected pedometers for its excellent reliability and accuracy. This is highly accurate, Jand have protective cover and imprinting .

Price in USD– $13.00

Yamax SW650 Multi- Function Digi-Walker Pedometer-

This Japanese design is well known for its accuracy and many other attractive features.

Price in USD– $19,99

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