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LifeSource Pedometers

LifeSource Pedometers are very popular and reliable wellness products. These products produces accurate results within a very minimum time. Some of the popular LifeSource Pedometers are listed below-

Lifesource Digital Pedometers Pedometer-

  • Walking Pedometer will help you get into the best shape of your life by walking
  • Easy to view flip down screen
  • Counts steps taken up to 99,999
  • Counts distance covered up to 999.99 miles
  • Counts calories burned up to 99,999 kcal

Price in USD- $ 13.99

LifeSource Digital Tria- Axial Activity Monitor

  • Can be carried in your pocket, purse or bag
  • Motion indicator displays the intensity of walking or jogging
  • 3-axis motion detection
  • Step, distance and calorie counter
  • 14-day memory

Price in USD– $ 33.99

Lifesource Wireless Pedometer-Wellness Activity Monitor

  • Automatically tracks distance, activity time and steps
  • Provides you with a complete record of your activity
  • Easy-just clip on your shoe and go
  • Tracks your daily activity with the LifeSource wellness connected software right on your home computer
  • Calculates calories burned
  • Matte black unobtrusive shell
  • Views your daily, weekly or monthly activity levels and compare it against your personal goals to keep you moving towards better health

Price in USD– $ 89.95

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