ARKRAY Glucose Meters

ARKRAY Glucose Meters

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ARKRAY Glucose Meters

ARKRAY glucose meters are very advanced and have many attractive features. This meters can speak in both Spanish and English and also hold up to 250 readings. Some ARKRAY glucose meters also comes with interchangable faceplates, which helps you to change the look of your meter to suit your mood or style.

Some of the popular Glucose meter from ARKRAY -

GLUCOCARD Expression

This is a fully audible glucose meter and does not require manual coding,. It has a 300 test memory and also offers 7-, 14-, and 30-day averaging. This glucose meter just needs a blood sample size of 1.0 microliter.


This glucose meter has a 250-test memory, can produce results in 7 seconds and only requires a 0.5 microliter blood sample. It doesn’t require coding and comes in several colors.


This glucose meter produces results in approximately 7 seconds and has about 360- test memory. It is compatible with both ARKRAY USA data management systems, the ARK Care Real-Time Data Management System and the ARKRAY Diabetes Data Management Software 1.16.


This glucose meter has 20 interchangeable face plates that allow you to personalize the meter. It has a memory size of 50 tests along with battery life of approxomately 3000 tests. The GLUCOCARD 01-mini provides result in approximately 7 seconds and needs sample of 0.3 microlite

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