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Weider 20 lb Powerbell

The Weider 20 lb Powerbell is a combination of 7 kettlebell in one convinient set. Kettle bells are versatile enough for numerous workouts. The Weider 20 lb Powerbell has a quality to quickly adjust weights from 5 lb to 20 lb to personlize your workout.

Weider 20 lb Powerbell Specification

  • Handle-5 lb durable handle
  • Removable Weights- Five removable 3 lb. weights to personalize your workout.

Weider Club 290 Power Tower Features

  • Space Saver Design
  • Adjust Weights from 5lbs- 20 lbs.
  • Its Jillian Michaels DVDs instructs to tighten your abs, fight arm and back flab and tone your Glutes and Thighs

Weider 20 lb Powerbell Cost

The latest cost of Weider 20 lb Powerbell will be updated soon.

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