Star Trac Steppers

Star Trac Steppers

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Star Trac Steppers

As a leader in cardio equipment for over 20 years, the addition of the StairMil to product line provides customers with the complete cardio experience. Just step on for a "quick start" or interval program and then work towards conquering some of the greatest landmarks in the world with our Famous StepsĀ® program, taking you anywhere from The Great Pyramids to the top of the Eiffel Tower. As expected, this new line is equipped with the ultimate entertainment package. Supportive handrails allow comfortable hand placement at every angle, while user contact heart rate monitors measure intensity. Once again Star Trac takes pride in finding a good industry product and making it great.

Star Trac Steppers

  • E-STe Stepper
  • E-STi Stepper
  • E-ST Stepper

Contact Information

Star Trac
14410 Myford Road.
Irvine, California 92606

Phone: (800) 228-6635
Phone: (714) 669-1660
Fax: (714) 838-6286

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