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SCIFIT Pro2 Total Body

The Pro2 Total Body is a Pro series exercise machine of SCIFIT fitness. This versatile fitness equipment is perfect for upper and lower body exercises.

SCIFIT Pro2 Total Body Features

  • Knee-to-elbow motion for cardio to the core
  • Removable seat for wheelchair accessibility
  • Easy access with true, adjustable step through
  • Bi-directional exercise
  • Iso-Strength safe, accommodating strength program
  • Therapist assist pedal on adjustable seat
  • Standard, adjustable and bariatric seat options
  • Very low starting resistance

SCIFIT Pro2 Total Body Cost

Price of SCIFIT Pro2 Total Body in USD: $6,619.80
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One Response to “SCIFIT Pro2 Total Body”

Paul Stencell Jr.:

I’ve just tried this machine as I’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury 2005 and was in a wheelchair due to traumatic brain injury. However now I’ve progressed outta my wheelchair to a walker now , this is now 9 years later now mind you, however I use BOTOX for left arm all due to my brain injury that I sustained in my vehicle crash. I’m currently however using a recumbent bike to get my strength built back up to what it was. I was extremely impressed however with the results I felt only after using this machine once, one might say one is jumping the gun to say what one has but its that incredible surge of ones arm and the feeling of confidence being built back up, that’s the inspiring act confidence that this machine gives oneself after using this machine.

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