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Precor UBK 825 Upright Exercise Bike

Precor UBK 825 Upright Exercise Bike is a self powered upright exercise bike. This exercise bike has some other important features also such as one-handed seat adjustment on or off the bike, redesigned saddle for riding comfort and improved knee over pedal spindle (KOPS) geometry for efficient pedalling mean a smooth, comfortable workout. It features custom-designed handlebars with integrated touch heart rate for maximum comfort and efficient workout experience.

Precor UBK 825 Upright Exercise Bike Features

  • Console:The streamlined console of the P20 console provides all the essential features with a premium feel and better value entertainment options, ensuring users a rewarding workout that complements active lifestyles.
  • Seat Adjustment and Improved saddle design:The simple seat adjustment allows the user to change the position of the seat with one hand, either on or off the bike.

  • Over-molded handlebars:Over-molded style adds comfort and durability while offering dual heart rate contacts and three ergonomic riding positions: upright, cruising and road.
  • Dual-sided Pedals:The dual-sided pedals allow the user to use the pedals with or without the integrated straps. The extra wide pedals comfortably accommodate feet of all sizes to ensure proper pedaling form.
  • Ease of Maintenance:The easy to remove shroud ensures easy access to the belt-drive system for maintenance and servicing without removing the pedals or crank.

Precor UBK 825 Upright Exercise Bike Specifications

  • Weight: 160 lbs / 73 kg
  • Power: SelfPowered
  • Total Workouts: 8
  • Resistance Levels:25
  • Maximum Watts:750 (level 25 at 150 RPM)
  • Minimum Watts:18 (level 1 at 20 RPM)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 48 x 21 x 63 inches / 122 x 53 x 157 centimeters
  • Product Height with PVS: 72 in / 183 cm
  • Language Selection: English, French,German,Spanish
  • Accessories: Accessories holder,Reading rack,Optional – Cable management
  • Entertainment: Optional – 15” Personal Viewing System (PVS),
    Optional – Wireless entertainment cap
  • Warranty: Frame – 7 years,
    Parts (Mechanical & Electronic) – 2 years,
    Wear Items – 1 year,
    Labor – 1 year

Precor UBK 825 Upright Exercise Bike Cost

Price of Precor UBK 825 Upright Exercise Bike in USD: $3,395.00
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