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NordicTrack Fitness

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NordicTrack Fitness

NordicTrack is a brand of ICON Health and Fitness. The brand of ICON Health & Fitness is based in the beautiful Cache Valley of northern Utah. This brand is one of the world’s largest developers, manufacturers and marketers of fitness equipment with brands that include NordicTrack, ProForm, Weider, Reebok and Gold’s Gym. ICON has been the innovation leader in the fitness industry since 1977, when the company was founded by Scott Watterson and Gary Stevenson, both business majors at Utah State University.Over the years, the NordicTrack line long-drawn-out into dozens of skier models for sports enthusiasts at every level. Soon, they extended into the area they were trying for a long time easy going, low-impact exercise machines. That led to the release of a new line of elliptical machines with that patented NordicTrack touch.

With a second wind in the late 1990s, NordicTrack began to expand into other home fitness equipment, including its now touted line of treadmills. The same flair for ultimate design and comfort lead the company to sell strength machines, stationary bikes, steppers, apparel and many other types of equipment.

Being a brand under ICON which is the world’s largest marketer and manufacturer of fitness equipment, with a heritage of transforming the industry with innovative products. To ensure customers receive the highest quality and best performing equipment and they have a 21,000 sq. ft. model development facility and 140,000 sq. ft. The company’s entry into the health and fitness industry began with the manufacturing of trampolines.

NordicTrack Products


NordicTrack fitness products price starts from $899 dollars. For details on Warranties kindly log on to

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ICON Health & Fitness
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