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Livestrong Ellipticals

Livestrong elliptical trainer offers a low-impact workout which is one of the necessary and very important measure of safe exercising in the elliptical. Putting less stress on the joints and a full-body workout are some of the best benefits that one can got in an elliptical machine. A LIVESTRONG elliptical trainer provides you a perfect combination of workout which is best in quality, value and versatility same as of a gym. All the quality workout you can get at home with LIVESTONG elliptical machines.

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Contact details of Livestrong

Canada, Mexico, US

Johnson Health Tech North America
Sales Support: 1-877-700-8730
Parts & Tech Support: 1-877-548-7864

2201 E. Sixth Street
Austin, Texas 78702
For cancer support call
LIVESTRONG at 855.220.7777

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