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Landice E9 Rehabilitation Elliptical

The Landice Rehabilitation Elliptical Trainer is one of the most versatile elliptical trainers available in the market today. Patients at any athletic level will find physically holistic benefits and practical rehabilitative functionality on a Landice.E9 Rehabilitation Trainer offers one of the only units to enable upper body as well as lower body exercise functionality.An advanced algorithm calculates your metabolic-equivalent speed based on your effort level and pedal speed.

Landice E9 Rehabilitation Elliptical Features & Specifications

  • The Most Natural Stride
  • High-Tech Entertainment Center
  • Metabolic- Equivalent Speed Indicator
  • 2" Pedal Spacing
  • 2" medical-grade side rails
  • 11" diameter flywheel
  • 1100 Watt electric break
  • Isokinetic Mode
  • 500-pound user weight capacity
  • 11-gauge heavy-duty steel construction
  • Physical footprint: 34" x 68"
  • Actual footprint: 34" x 76"
  • 110 VAC or 220 VAC, 50/60Hz, 15A
  • Warranty
    • Parts- 5 Years

Landice E9 Rehabilitation Elliptical Cost

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