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Kettler Track Performance Treadmill

Training computer with 3D Black-Matrix display and USB interface, prior settings possible, strain profiles and person memory.This Kettler Treadmill have a direct-selection keys for slope and speed. EASY ROLLER system, FLAT DECK and 145 x 51 cm running surface. High-performance electric motor with 2.5 hp continuous power.

Kettler Track Performance Treadmill Technical Features

  • Max. continuous power (kW / HP), max. peak power (kW / HP)): 1.8 / 2.5, 4.6 / 6.4
  • SRS motor control (indep. of weight, electronically controlled): Yes
  • Speed min. / max. in km/h: 0.8 - 18 (0.1 km/h steps)
  • Setting of incline (in %): 0 - 12, motorised
  • Power connection: 230 V / 50 Hz

  • DIN-EN class: DIN EN 957-1/6, class HB
  • Size of running surface (L/W in cm, approx.): 145 / 51
  • Size when set up (L/W/H in cm, approx.): 202 / 88 / 136
  • Size when folded for storage (L/W/H in cm, approx.): 106 / 88 / 185
  • Distance betw. floor and running surface (in cm, approx.): 16.5
  • Maximum load: 140 kg
  • Belt-stop safety key: Yes
  • Chest belt for wireless pulse-rate monitoring: Accessory
  • Shock-absorbing system: SHOCK ABSORBER
  • Castors: EASY ROLLER system
  • Height adjustment: Yes

Kettler Track Performance Treadmill Training Computer

  • Total km covered: Only in the service mode
  • Measurement of time, distance per session, speed, energy consumption: Yes
  • Pulse-rate measurement: Hand-pulse sensors (included) / chest belt (accessory)
  • POLAR-compatible receiver (5 kHz): Integrated
  • Measurement of recovery pulse with fitness mark: Yes
  • Slope: Yes
  • Target settings: Yes
  • User memory: 4
  • Display / strain graph: Green back-lit 3D matrix
  • Display of: 7 functions
  • Freely definable programs (incl. variations): N/A
  • Pulse-controlled program: 4
  • Combined programs (incline and speed): N/A
  • Incline-controlled variations: 6
  • Speed-controlled variations: 6
  • Cool-down / Warm-up functions: Cool-down for racing mode
  • Manual control (count-up / count down): Yes
  • Speed selection: 3 x Direct Speed
  • Incline selection: 3 x Direct Incline
  • Sweat resistant keypad: Yes
  • Computer interface: USB

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ToughTrain 3.5 out of 5 Have above than average features, but it is bit pricy.

Kettler Track Performance Treadmill Cost

Price of Kettler Track Performance Treadmill in USD: $2142.71
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One Response to “Kettler Track Performance Treadmill”

Honest Hammster:

Kettler Track Performance
Warning – So let me spare you the school of hard knocks… This treadmill comes in a HUGE box that is not easily carried. Due to its length it does not fit in an elevator and cannot be carried up stairs… Assemble it where you get it and push it on its included rollers into elevators etc.

With that out of the way, let me carry on with the in-depth details:
Firstly I’m a pretty active person who was looking for a treadmill to last me and my wife a long time, for training all-round the year and each running 5 to 10 km’s per day.
I didn’t want to buy cheaply or get too carried away with the bells and whistles. If I want a fan I will switch one on and if I want to connect an iPad to get my stats or record my heart rate I use Runtastic Pro. (Although the treadmill does connect seamlessly to my Polar H7 wearlink strap).
So I was prepared to pay for quality to have a stable scalable treadmill to last a long time.

Assembly is really easy and the included manual is in decent English. One included Allen key does all the screwing in and one person can do it alone although two would be ideal. Assembly time for one person was 20 minutes.
Once assembled it is easy to fold up and push around on its little wheels.

This is a pretty treadmill. Aesthetically it doesn’t look out of place next to your Lamborghini and really scores big points compared to some of the other monoliths. The flowing cockpit features, handles, and minimalistic lines are all German engineered for minimalistic function yet soothingly enhances the form.

Enough poetry. When you start this up for the first time the screen lights up in green 3D glory reminiscent of 80’s arcade games. Select a program and the treadmill speeds up like a tuned down jet engine. Mine had a whomp-whomp sound as the tread turned which Kettler engineers told me is probably the joint in the tread which will go away after a few kilometres. Let’s see about that…
Other than that the sound is not obtrusive at all, although it does escalate depending on your speed. For me, I cruise at 10km/h and can still watch TV comfortably while my wife sleeps in the room around the corner without hearing a thing. The impact to knees and other joints seem a lot less than when I run on the road so it definitely dampens things a bit. The included programs are really good and can even auto adjust the angle or speed depending on your heart rate which is ideal for fitness training or fat burning. Yes it does have a beeping menu buzzer which counts down etc but luckily you can turn off all sounds…

Two minor annoyances – The display angle is not optimal and looks a bit washed out if you run to the front of the tread. Secondly the treadmill rattles slightly when you change the angle while running. I have not looked into this yet and I’m sure it might just be my setup.
Having run a bit on gym treadmills this one really compares favourable by size, quality, function and stability.

In summary:
If you want a good looking and functioning quality and stable treadmill to get you in a great running shape or help with recovery, get this. If you want to buy a mediocre underpowered Christmas tree with weak fan which tilts to God-knows-why 90 degrees, look elsewhere.
Four and a half stars because of whomp-whomp, reading angle on display, rattles while adjusting angle, and for four people trying to carry this thing up three flights of stairs first. I nearly lost my wife and two good friends in the process….

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