Kettler Track Motion Treadmill

Kettler Track Motion Treadmill

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Kettler Track Motion Treadmill

This Kettler treadmill have high-performance electric motor with 1.8 hp continuous power. Direct-selection keys for slope and speed EASY ROLLER system, FLAT DECK and 140 x 51 cm running surface.Training computer with 3D Matrix, prior settings possible and strain profiles, including pulse-related training, orange back-lit LCD display for time, speed, distance, energy consumption and pulse rate.

Kettler Track Motion Treadmill Technical Features

  • Electric motor max. continuous power (kW / HP) max. peak power (kW / HP)): 1.3 / 2.0,2.2 / 3.0
  • Speed min. / max. in km/h: 1 - 16 (0.1 km/h steps)
  • Setting of incline (in %): 0 - 12, motorised
  • Size of running surface (L/W in cm, approx.): 132 / 48
  • Size when set up (L/W/H in cm, approx.): 186 / 84 / 137
  • Size when folded for storage (L/W/H in cm, approx.): 94 / 84 / 171

  • Maximum load: 130 kg
  • Belt-stop safety key: Yes
  • Height adjustment: Yes
  • Power connection: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • SRS motor control (indep. of weight, electronically controlled): Yes
  • DIN-EN class: DIN EN 957-1/6, class HB
  • Distance betw. floor and running surface (in cm, approx.): 16.5
  • Chest belt for wireless pulse-rate monitoring: Accessory
  • Shock-absorbing system: SHOCK ABSORBER
  • Castors: EASY ROLLER system

Kettler Track Motion Treadmill Training Computer

  • Total km covered: Only in the service mode
  • Display / strain graph: 3D matrix, Green back-lit
  • Display of: 7 functions
  • Speed selection: 3 x Direct Speed
  • Incline selection: 3 x Direct Incline
  • POLAR-compatible receiver (5 kHz): Integrated
  • Measurement of recovery pulse with fitness mark: Yes
  • Slope: Yes
  • Target settings: Yes
  • Measurement of time, distance per session, speed, energy consumption: Yes
  • Pulse-rate measurement: Hand-pulse sensors (included) / chest belt (accessory)
  • Incline-controlled variations: 3
  • Speed-controlled variations: 3
  • Cool-down / Warm-up functions: N/A
  • User memory: N/A
  • Freely definable programs (incl. variations): N/A
  • Pulse-controlled program: 2
  • Combined programs (incline and speed): N/A
  • Manual control (count-up / count down): Yes
  • Sweat resistant keypad: Yes
  • Computer interface: N/A

Kettler Track Motion Treadmill Reviews

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ToughTrain 3.5 out of 5 Have above than average features and available in a very reasonable price.

Kettler Track Motion Treadmill Cost

Price of Kettler Track Motion Treadmill in USD: $1223.75
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Kettler Track Motion Treadmill Owner’s Manual, Machine Assembly Instruction and User Guide

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