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KETTLER Elyx 5 Elliptical Cross Trainer

KETTLER Elyx 5 elliptical cross trainer boasts the revolutionary design, offering training to increase stamina as well as focusing on muscle building. Unlike the Elyx 3, the Elyx 5 is an ergometer which ensures the measurement of power is incredibly precise. The Elyx 5 also folds away to be stored. The Elyx 5 was designed for general endurance training, burning fat/weight loss, therapeutic cardio vascular training. Its also suitable for muscle increase and strength stamina.The Elyx 5′s features include a back lit LCD monitor with 10 programs including HRC, target zone training as well as recovery pulse and fitness tests, integrated POLAR compatible receiver, visual and audio alarm when exceeding your heart rate limit. When set up is is 201x68x180cm, the maximum load weight is 150kg.

KETTLER Elyx 5 Elliptical Cross Trainer Specifications Features

  • Brake System: Induction brake system, ergometer ensures precise measurement of power in Watts, 25-400W in 5W steps
  • Programs: Target zone training (fat/fit/manual). Recovery pulse and fitness test
  • Functions:Continuous display of 9 functions
  • Flywheel: approx 22 kg
  • Computer: Back lit LCD with 10 programs including HRC. Visual and audible alarm when exceeding max pulse rate
  • Folding capability saves floor space
  • Keys: Perspiration-resistant keys.
  • Computer interface
  • Pulse Measurement: Integrated POLAR compatible receiver
  • Stride Length:Approx 20 inch stride length
  • Dimensions when set up (L x W x H in cm): approx. 200 x 70 x 180
  • Colour: light and dark grey, black and silver
  • Transport: Transport castors at front and height adjustment at rear
  • Maximum load: 150 kg
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Warranty: 3 yr parts and labour warranty

List of KETTLER Elyx 5 Elliptical Cross Trainer Reviews

Reviews By Ratings Comments
ToughTrain 3.5 out of 5 This elliptical have above than average features and available in a descent price. 4.5 out of 5 the Elyx 5 is easy to recommend if it fits the trainee and his or her exercise room. However, if the Elyx 3 is available at a lower price, you might as well buy that model instead.

KETTLER Elyx 5 Elliptical Cross Trainer Cost

Price of KETTLER Elyx 5 Elliptical Cross Trainer in USD: $2399.00
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