HealthRider Ellipticals

Healthrider ellipticals or cross trainer are combination of best technology and superb design. With use of technology like iFit Live, it is well connected to wireless internet. This revolutionary technology offers customizable workouts Powered by Google Maps and workouts with Jillian Michaels, America’s Toughest Trainer. And, your workout results are automatically uploaded in real time to iFit Live Technology will help you lose weight, get fit and stay connected. Healthrider elliptical cross trainer also features a Power Intensity Ramp which will adjust your incline and stride length for increased workout intensity and variety.

Each setting targets specific muscle groups so you get a result-specific workout every time you exercise. Other features include a Compatible Music Port for iPod, 20 built-in workouts, a CoolAire Workout Fan and In-Handle OneTouch® Controls.

List of HealthRider Ellipticals Products (Models)

HealthRider ellipticals offer various models of ellipticals and cross trainers with taking care of different customer needs.

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susan abbott

My daughter has your healthrider Hybrid bike/elliptical it has absolutely no tension, is there a fix for this? Is it the motor as it isn’t the belt we have checked? We tried the adjusting on the cable both ways and no change in tension. Please get back to me, thanks Susan

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