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Felax Fitness

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Felax Fitness

Felax treadmills are manufactured by the company called Sunteko since year 1988. The treadmills have stipulated programs with user position, heart rate control and a hand pulse measurement element. User settings include time, speed, distance and running deck incline. Some extra mechanism includes a cushioned running deck and manual running belt adjustments.Metric bolts and nuts secure the internal and external components and covers.Since the ball is still up in the air relating to product support, we would stay away from them.

Sunteko is an Asian company which has built machines like bikes and elliptical for major US brands so people expect to see them some more in the US market because in some forums they have some negative impression so they should carefully pick who they partner with for treadmills in the future due to the great need for product support in the treadmill business.

Felax FitnessProducts

Felax Fitness Treadmills

Felax Products has one year of warranty on its motor and labor.

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Felax Fitness
No.509,Ta Tien Rd.
Ho Mei Town
Changhua Country Taiwan

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