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Exerpeutic Fitness is a well known fitness brand, aimed to provide better qualities and more features to the end users. When it comes to customer support, Exerpeutic leaves no stone unturned to provide satisfied support to its users. The dedicated team of customer support is always eager to help its customers with the best information and techical support. If you are willing to buy any Exerpeutic product or your Exerpeutic equipment at home is having any distrurbance then feel free to call on its toll free customer support number.

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Toll Free Number For Support– 1-626-810-2100

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Tel : 626-810-2100

Fax : 626-810-2166

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17 Responses to “Exerpeutic Fitness Customer Support”

Ray Briggs

Need replacement parts for Exerpeutic Model 97670

No. 72 Sensor & No. 47 Running Belt

Paul Goodwin

Is there any place in the Los Angeles area where I can test ride an Exerpeutic bike?

Pat Rogers

What is your recommended model for a person only 5′ tall?
Thank you

Timothy James Mize

What size mat is best for the 1000xl on a carpeted floor? My handicap problem makes easy for me to fall. Would a mat help with this? What size and quality should I get? thanks!

Patrick Patterson

How do I lower the preset tensioner? The elliptical is for my wife and it is too stiff. I tried to lengthen the turnbuckle in the tension adjustment but it is still way too tight.

Gerald Markott

On June 25, I went on my recumbent bike to exercise. When I sat and leaned back the weld on the seat broke causing me to fall back and hit my head and elbow on the concrete basement floor. I called the Service Dept the following day. I spoke with A Rep named Steve. He said he would send out a box after he received pictures. He also said the company would pay for shipment and then send me a new Ex Bike. I can not reach him and all I get are auto responses. I am very frustrated with your company. The customer service is terrible. I could have been seriously injured. Luckily I was not., although my elbow is still sore. I feel you should be held responsible for your product even after the warranty. The bikewas registered and you have all the info needed. Someone , PLEASE HELP! Gerald Markott, 716 434 1266.

Gerald Markott

Don’t know yet although your service dept. would get a very low rating.

W. Lewis

My bike beeps every 15 minutes for no reason. It’s not the same beep it makes when my timer lets me know I’m finished; just one lone beep every 15 minutes. Any ideas why?

Howard Smith

I bought a new Exerpeudic Teeter that rotates 180 degrees. The first time I used the teeter, I rotated 180 degrees and could not pull my self back up. I ankles were locked in the brackets and I could not exit the device. I was stuck upside down with the blood rushing to my head. If my wife had not been close by to help me, I don’t know what would have happened. I was definitely in panic mode. The device is heavy but I had no idea it would not bring itself upright with me pulling on the handles. I am very dissatisfied with this unsafe device. Without question, you should add a warning to your advertisement telling people this could happen. I plan on spreading the word about this product. I spent nearly $300 dollars and can’t use it.

Susan Elaina Brown

RE; Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse
I am 5’3. Will I be able to reach the pedals with comfort? Does the bike make any sounds such a unwanted beeps or clicks while pedaling? Thank you.

zahir Khokhar

I purchased upright bike from Walmart. The nuts on the pedals don’t screw on. Please send new pedals with nuts to they can be tightened all the way.

Flora M Sanders

I have an Exerpeutic treadmill I bought a few years ago. I’m not sure of exact date. Unfortunately, I have not used it much. I got on it recently and it will not start. I checked the plug and changed plugs, but nothing works. Do you have any advice on help with replacement. I did not register it.

James Taylor

I have an Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise bike which I like very much. But now with about 240 miles on it, it has started to make a clanking noise once per revolution. How do I fix this, please? Thanks. Jim Taylor

Lisa Washington

I have an exerpeutic elliptical and the bold to one of the pedals is stripped. I need to know where to order another so I can start my workouts again. Please let me know who I can call to order one.


I am interested in an exerpeutic stationary bike and would like to speak to someone about which model I should buy. I live in Canada. Thx

Michelle Aldinger

I purchased the Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise bike. The seat dips down too much in the front so it feels like you are leaning forward to the point of falling off. Is this a defect? I am unable to find a way to adjust the seat. If it is a defect how do I exchange? When you call the customer service phone number it just rings and rings. Is there a better phone number than 626-810-2100?
Thank you


I love the folding magnetic exercise bike with pulse purchased on Amazon. However, I do have one issue/question and that involves the console.
I am having some back issues and my first ride was a slow pace for 30 minutes on resistance level number 1. According to the console, I had covered about 6 miles and I had burned up 300+ calories. No way…those displayed numbers are way too high. I don’t burn up nearly that many calories at the gym on the lifecycle during a much tougher workout. Guess I have to live with this major inaccuracy. I cannot imagine it is something I could have screwed up while assembling the bike. Overall I am happy with my purchase…the ride is solid and quiet. I will just ignore the erroneous data on the console.

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