GLX Strength Training System

GLX Strength Training System

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GLX Strength Training System

The GLX Strength Training System is a well known Home Gym and is very suitable for Traditional Strength Training, Functional Training, Core Training, Sports Specific and Rehabilitation exercises. BodyCraft does not compromises in its quality and has a space saver design.

GLX Strength Training System Specifications

  • Frame: Heavy 2" X 2" and 2" X 3", 11 and 12 gauge steel tubing.
  • Pulleys: 3" diameter, fiberglass impregnated nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings.
  • Guide Rods: Chrome plated 1" diameter tubular steel.
  • Cable: The most flexible nylon coated, 7X 19 strand aircraft cable rated at over 2000 lbs. tensile strength.
  • Accessories: Lat Pull Bar, Curl Bar, Ankle Strap and two Single Handles are included.
  • Weight Stack: 150 lbs. in 10 lb. increments. Precision milled cast iron plates with nylon bushings for smooth action. Upgrade to 200 pounds available. Weight Stack Enclosures: Steel weight stack guards provide safety and beauty.

Elite Strength Training System Features

  • Cable Station- Allows for a very wide array of exercises including Functional Training, Sports Specific, Core Training, and exercises that mimic Dumbbell Training.
  • Adjustable Nylon Straps– Provide for converging and free motion exercises.
  • Space saving design- Allows placement against a wall.
  • Ab Crunch Station– For abdominal training.
  • Low Pulley Station- Foot plate for Low Rows, Abductor and Adductor Leg Kicks, Arm Curls, Upright rows, etc.
  • High Pulley Station– For Lat pull Downs, and Triceps Push Downs.
  • Press and Row Station- Allows for different size users and also provides a variety of exercises including Bench Press, Incline Press, Shoulder Press and Mid Row. Seat and seat back are adjustable. Back pad tilts to ensure full support when performing incline and shoulder presses.
  • Optional Leg Press attachment- For full leg development.
  • Leg Extension and Curl Station- Provides Seated Leg Extension and Standing Leg Curl.


Lifetime Warranty: Life time warranty is provided in this product. Warranty applies only to the original owner and for in-home use. Does not cover normal wear and tear.

GLX Strength Training System Cost

Price of GLX Strength Training System in USD: $2699.00
Sites selling GLX Strength Training System are*:,,
GLX Strength Training System Owner’s Manual, Machine Assembly Instruction and User Guide

*Note: Most of the sites, stores or shopping portals listed above sell GLX Strength Training System with discounts and other exciting offers. There is a possibility that the some of above websites are not selling GLX Strength Training System now. is not liable for such cases or instances. Also we do not recommend any seller for GLX Strength Training System and a buyer should buy from where he/she gets best deal with quality of products, service and on time delivery (shipment).

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Robert Gose
Robert Gose
January 30, 2024 5:34 am

Awhile back I inquired on a replacement part (the upper pulley shield) for my GLX weight machine. It’s the upper right one when sitting in the chair/bench. Mine is cracked, but I was told it didn’t exist anymore, yet I see it displayed on my machine in one of your adds. The shield is a dark tinted color with GLX printed on it. Please let me know if I can still get this part replaced.