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Balance Board

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Balance Board

Balance Board is a device used for athletic activities, concentration, brain development, physical fitness, recreation and remedies. Probably all of you have seen see-saw with a narrow board pivoted in the middle, Balance Board is kind of that the user usually stands on with both foots on opposite edges of the board.Balance Boards are good way of recreation sport that improves our body functionality and yet is enjoyable. These boards are very helpful in developing body balance, weight distribution and core strength and also for and for rehabilitation after injuries to several parts.

Types of Balance Board

There are four basic types of balance boards depending upon the parameters:

  • Rocker-Roller Board – These are quite challenging than other kinds of boards with more degrees of un-stability. Fixed pivot is replaced with cylindrical roller that runs in the relation to the ground and board as well.
  • Rocker Board -Easiest one to start with, Rocker Board is less challenging type with a fulcrum may be perpendicularly attached to flat board. It offers only one degree movement along the longitudinal axis while fulcrum may be of different shapes like ground curved and flat ones.
  • Wobble Board -With semi-spherical bottom of fulcrum and flat side attached to board, Wobble is flexible to all sides during same ride: left, right, forward, bottom. Such types of board are preferably used for gymnasium, sports training and prevention of injuries.
  • Sphere Ring Board -Flat or semi-sphere fulcrum is replaced by inflatable rubber ball or a solid polyurethane ball and ball is kept under guard rail on the underside. Such boards allows rotation about all axis and not easy to balance.

Leading Manufacturer of Balance Board

  • Bharat Medical Systems
  • Supreme Surgical Company
  • Sports and Sports International
  • Passive Health Solutions
  • Pioneer Health Care

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