Weider X-Factor+ Home Gym

Get a stronger and tonned upper body including tricep, chest and shoulder with the Weider X-Factor+ home gym. This home gym has features like a fold away vertical knee raise (VKR) station, fold away dip station, multi grip pull-up bar etc.

Weider X-Factor+ Features

  • Get hard rock abs with its fold away vertical knee raise (VKR) station.
  • Strengthen your arms and core with this dip station.
  • It has 2 high and 2 low pulleys for training your upper as well as lower body. These pulleys allow for full range of motion so you get amazing results.
  • Train your lats, biceps and forearms for incredible power and strength with the help of its multi-grip pull-up bar.
  • Offers upto 210 lbs dynamic resistance.
  • Its 2 bent arc uprights allows you for more natural movement and greater support.
  • It has workout accessories which includes 2 handles that attach to the pulleys for more workout control and 1 ankle strap to help you develop lean leg muscle.
  • Exercise chart helps you to get a faster and effective result.

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