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New Balance Heart Rate Monitors

New Balance Heart Rate Monitors are widely appreciated because of its fast, accurate results, and advanced features. In maximum Heart Rate Monitors of New Balance the chest strap is not required. Track your heart rate, steps, distance and calories burned with the best Heart Rate Monitors in the market. New Balance Heart Rate Monitors generally have the following features-

  • On Demand Heart Rate (HR) Reading – ECG Accurate HRT
  • Buttonless HR Touch Bezel
  • Visual and Audible Alerts in Target HR Zones
  • Displays % Max BPM
  • Heart Rate Reminder Alarm
  • Auto or Custom Set HR Zones
  • No Chest Strap Needed
  • Resting Heart Rate Mode

Some of the popular New Balance Heart Rate Monitors with their price in USD are listed below-

  • HRT Heart Rate Touch Monitors– $44.95
  • 50082NB N1 Graphite Heart Rate Monitor– $ 43.00
  • N4 Heart Rate Monitors- $57.95
  • N8 Heart Rate & Trainer- $139.99
  • N9 GPS Heart Rate & Trainer– $239.99
  • GPS Runner Monitor– $99.99
  • GPS Runner Trainer- $139.99
  • GPS Cardio Trainer– $189.99
  • NX301 Heart Rate Monitor– $43.00

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