Trimline Treadmills

Trimline Treadmills

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Trimline Treadmills

Trim line treadmills are meant for people who want a reliable and durable treadmill that is entirely backed by the company. If you are attracted with long warranties, then this is the brand meant just for you. Trim line treadmills has one of the longest warranties in the mid-priced category.

Note: Trimline Treadmills are discontinued, so we do not recommend you to buy Trimline Treadmills

List of Trimline Treadmills

  • Trimline T340 Treadmill
  • Trimline T360 Treadmill
  • Trimline T370 HR Treadmill


Conclusion Review: We would recommend the Trim line treadmills for their durability and warranty. It is really hard to find a machine belonging in the mid-priced category and offering warranties as long as theirs. This just proves how confident Trim line is with their treadmills and how committed they are into satisfying their customers.

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