Top 10 Fitness Mistakes

Exercise is important for the proper growth of our body. But incorrect exercise can harm you more than what you gain. Generally some hard and fast rules are there, which states what to do before and during an exercise and also many things that one should keep in mind and avoid. Here is a list that one must keep in mind while working out for an effective and safe result.

Top 10 Fitness Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

1. No Warm Up Before Workout

Warm up is very important before workout because it slowly increases your heart rate, which increases your body tempreture and also increases the blood flow to your muscles, and this consequently oxygenates your muscles and prepares them for the upcoming strength exercises. So, never skip a short warm up exercises before you start working out.

2. Neglecting Stretching Before Workout

Another big mistake that most of the peoples makes by neglecting stretching before workout. Stretching isn’t about lengthening muscles – it’s about restoring them to their natural length after all the shortening involved in exercise. Generally natural flexibility begins to decline from when you’re as young as 25, so if are not interested to extend your range, its better to hold on what you have. Stretch muscles after every workout when they are warm and hold for 30 seconds.

3. Exercising on an Empty Stomach

Exercising on an empty stomach is also a mistake according to experts. Earlier it was practised for weightloss training but new studies states that ‘If you perform cardiovascular exercise first thing in the morning before you’ve eaten, insulin levels are at their lowest, while another hormone, glucagon, is at its peak,’. ‘This encourages your body to draw on its fat reserves for fuel.’ But since fat metabolism is dependent on the availability of carbohydrate, when carb stores are low, fat metabolism is compromised. ‘This makes exercise feel much harder, so you may tire sooner, or slack off and end up burning fewer calories – and less body fat.

4. Regularly not changing your fitness regime

Following the same intensity and training routine regularly and failing to progress gradually is a the most common mistake done by fitness trainees. Studies say that you must increase your intensity frequently, generally by every six weeks, but ideally more often.

5. Using too light Weights

If your are looking to increase your body muscles low weight with even higher reps is not going to work. Muscles consist of long, thin fibres which are of two types: ‘type 1’ fibres, which are highly resistant to fatigue and recruited mainly at low level effort; and thicker, more powerful ‘type 2’ fibres, which only kick in when the going gets tough. These fibres are recruited one after the other. So, its effective to gradually increase your workout weight.

6. Working only in the fat-burning zone

Working in the fat-burning zone never mean that you burn fat from only that particular zone. But while we workout even in a very low intensity, we burn huge amount of fat from all of the body. So its better to focus on all body parts instead of focusing on the so called fat burning zone.

7. Over refueling after Exercise

This is one of the major mistake made by fitness trainees. No doubt huge amount of calories are burned while working out, some people consume more calories after workout than what they burn. This should be avoided, take required amount of post workout shakes for an effective result.

8. Continuing in Pain

Pain is your body’s way of saying that something is wrong. Don’t ignore this pain, which many people do, stop and give some days to heal the pain. Injuries need aid, but if you ignore and continue it will go worse.

9. Sit ups to improve core stability

Sometimes gym trainer misguide clients by asking them to do exercises like curls, crunches and sit ups, which have nothing to with with your core stability. Even the hard core six pack abs has no role in it. For that, you need to dig deeper – targeting the transversus abdominis muscle. Strengthening it will not only create a strong, flat stomach; it will also give support and stability to the lower back.

10. No Recovery Time to Muscles

Muscles needs enough time to expand after strength training. So its better to give some gap to muscles to recover. Divide your workout according to daily routines, which do not cover the same muscle group regularly.

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