Technogym Vario 500SP Cross Trainer

The Technogym Vario 500SP cross trainer also offers 3 different movements - step, elliptical, and Vario - which you can change without the need to stop the machine or take your feet off the platforms. To lose weight and burn calories without exertion, Technogym Vario 500SP is one of the best choice. This cross also helps to improve your coordination, help prevent joint problems and move all the muscles in your body in a single workout session.

Besides this cross trainer has many other advanced features like LCD screen, large and comfortable pedals, 11 different workout programs, understandable in 13 different languages.

Technogym Vario 500SP Cross Trainer Specification

Power Supply Self-powered
Difficulty Levels 1 – 25
Resistance at 120 spm 50-500
Wellness System Optional
Length (mm | in) 1940 | 76
Width (mm | in) 730 | 29
Height (mm | in) 1700 | 67
Weight (kg | lbs) 200 | 440
Languages available 13 – UK English, US English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Danish
Min- Max Stride 0-830 mm (0-33")
HR Monitoring Telemetry* with chest band not included
Available Programs 11- Quick Start, Goals (Time, Distance, Calorie), CHR, Profiles (6)
Min. pedal height from the ground 270 mm
Sub Maximal Tests Fitness test
Max user weight (kg | lbs) 160 | 352

Technogym Vario 500SP Cross Trainer Cost

The latest cost of Technogym Vario 500SP Cross Trainer will be updated soon.

Download Technogym Vario 500SP Cross Trainer User Manual

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