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Sunny Health & Fitness assists its customers with all possible solutions. If you have any query related to troubleshooting, service or parts repairing etc. call on its telephone number or even fax or email to get quick assistance. You can also fill a query form to register your query and even ask for technician visit.

Sunny Health and Fitness Customer Support Number

Head Office

Address : 218 Turnbull Canyon Rd. City of Industry, CA 91745
Phone No : (626) 968-1000
Website :

17 Responses to “Sunny Health & Fitness Customer Support”

Karl Neeb:

I just received your Twist Stepper with handle bar NO. 059 from Amazon. It works great and I like it but cannot apply full weight because it came with only one stepper bumper so one step hits metal on metal. Please mail me an additional bumper. Thank you.
Karl Neeb
105 Coyatee Shores
Loudon, TN 37774

Dean Hayes:

I have a mini stepper (item no. 012 ) and the arms that attach to the center post and to the pedals have become loose and wobble while in use causing the pedals to wobble. I do not see a way to tighten these arms to remove the wobble. How do I get the wobble removed? This condition did not exist when I first started to use the stepper. Please respond.

Janet Briancesco:

I just got the mini stepper from Amazon but I cant get it to work.I cant get the foot pedals to move. Will you please email me instructions.

Maria Ortega:

I bought a Sunny magnetic elliptical bike model no.P8300 on Dec. it’s only me that uses it like 4 days a week, and since was sick, I wasn’t using it for a couple of weeks, just last week when tried using it, every step I take, the pedal seems to fall and don’t keep going as smoothly as it used to. I got frustrated and very sore because every step was hard. please help me find a way to fix it, because it’s almost new. thank you.

Gwenith Edmonds:

I just put a CRAZY FIT MASSAGE Y.08 to gather for my mom and when she stood on it and I tried to put the program in for mom it would not change off the male setting and I could not get the information in to set up a p1 for her so it would be simple for her. She is 89 and I try to make things simple for her but this is not working when I tried to set up the p2 for me had the same problem.
This manual says you can not change these settings but the problem is we never could put settings in to start with.


trying to fit the tension cable into the tension hook but the cable head doesn’t stretch far enough…Sunny Magnetic exercise bike SF-B910

Wendell Bryant:

Hello: I just received my cycling Bike (SF-B1110) today, Box was some what beat-up. Was able to put Bike together, had two problems: #1 Where the Handlebar goes in was bent inward in the front, taped it off and was able to bend it back out and then file the opening, #2 Part 32 cracked and I solved that problem by taping the bar and sliding it in. The problem is that there are two of us using this machine it will be hard to adjust the height with the tape on the bar, I’m 6 ft. my wife is 5.3. Can I get a replacement sleeve PT# 32, everything else seems to be OK. Also where can I register my machine.

Sandra Bryan:

I ordered a 40 inch foldable trampoline with stabilizing bar No. 023B. I have the trampoline open just fine but I do not know how to put the stabilizing Bar together. The legs on each side are different and doubled so it has me confused. Can you help me?

Todd Doner:

I recently purchased the elliptical SD-e1114,can’t put together because I’m missing a wire clip inside the handlebar post part #15 order number is ordoo81556533 can you please send the part.

john lorenzo:

I hope to replace my sf-b904 with your new asuna 5150…I need parts list/schematic to make sure you have durable crank spindle

Larry York:

We ordered your Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike. It works fine. Please explain the two(2) displays on the monitor. It shows an upper number and another read out below.


I just bought a mini crazy fit massager and I can’t get it to work it gives me an E4 every time I run it….
so I just want to know how to take that out and start to use it with out problems…. thak you.



G. kenneth Deagman:

I recently purchased a chin up bar thru Amazon. Only one weight bearing bracket was provided. I would appreciate the second bracket

joseph craig:

looking for a replacement left foot pedal for row machine sf-rw5639


I purchased the Sunny Twist Stepper No. 59 from Amazon. During the first use, one of the pedals broke. This is very disappointing and also a waste of money. Is there a way to order a new pedal. Please advise.

george caswell:

myME -709 bike is very noisy when pedaling is there any remedy for this?

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