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Stamina Fitness

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Stamina Fitness

Stamina Products Incorporation was founded in the year 1987. From the beginning, the brand’s focus has been to supply quality and value to the fitness and spare time markets. Over the years, Stamina has developed an extensive distribution base, including mass merchants, sporting goods dealers, catalogs, internet retailers, and TV shopping networks. In addition, the products are available all over the world through their general international placements.

Stamina Fitness was one of the first to develop infomercial products with the introduction of the American Gladiator Home Gym. In 1991, Stamina Products Incorporation was listed as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States on the Inc. 500 list.

Stamina was the first company to bring affordable Pilates reformers to the mass market for home use. Stamina’s Aero Pilates reformers are the only true Pilates reformers that provide low-impact cardiovascular training plus the total body flexibility, strength training, sculpting and toning that Pilates is famous for.

Stamina Fitness Products

Stamina fitness products price range starts from $600 dollars

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