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SCIFIT One Step Recumbent Stepper

The One Step Recumbent Stepper is the newest addition to the SCIFIT product line. It provides a smooth, total body functional movement and gererally has a darker frame, lighter covers and a smaller footprint. This stepper also has other features like low starting resistance, direct wheelchair access, adjustable arm length and handle angle etc.

SCIFIT One Step Recumbent Stepper Features

  • User defined stride length from 2" to 11.5".

  • Optimized 1:1 arm to leg ratio to promote natural movement.
  • Small footprint along with integrated transport handle and wheels allow for easy placement.
  • Arm length adjustments and rotating hand grips provide user comfort and custom fit.
  • Low starting resistance (6 watts) with 20 levels, adjustable in .1 increments, providing 200 levels of resistance.
  • Direct wheelchair access along with step-through seating and grab bar allow for easy on and off.
  • Full color touch screen with easy operation displays exercise readouts beneficial for users and clinicians.

SCIFIT One Step Recumbent Stepper Cost

The latest cost of SCIFIT One Step Recumbent Stepper will be updated soon.

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