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SCIFIT ISO1000 Upright Exercise Bike

Scifit ISO1000 Upright Exercise Bike is a reliable upright exercise bike of SCIFIT Fitness. It has some amazing features such as dual seat adjustments, a large comfortable seat and easy entry make the ISO1000 ideal for users of all sizes.

SCIFIT ISO1000 Upright Exercise Bike Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions: 58”L x 24 “ W x 53” H
  • Maximum user weight: 350 lbs
  • Self Generating with auto recharge battery backup. Low voltage AC adapter included
  • Weight of unit: 164 lbs pre packaged
  • Shipping Dimensions and weight: 68”x32”x65” 209 lbs (Skid only) 68 5/8” Lx32 1/2” Wx67 9/16” H 244 lbs (boxed)

SCIFIT ISO1000 Upright Exercise Bike Features

  • Frame: Silver Powder Coated
  • Covers: Metallic Gray with UV Protection
  • Built-in twin Fans: 3 levels of intensity at low, medium and high.
  • Administrative mode: includes 6 user languages, metric or US units of measure and other custom settings.
  • Programs: One button Quick Start, Manual, Hill Pro! les, Random Pro! les, Heart Rate, Iso-Strength, Constant Work, Heart-Fit Test, Heart-Fit Training (4 levels with 3 programs
    at each level), Power-Fit Test, Power-Fit Training (4 levels with 3 programs at each level), Stress Test and Fit-Quik™.
  • Power Burst – 8 second burst of Iso-Strength. Available on all programs except: Heart-Fit Test/Training, Power-Fit Test/Training, Heart Rate, Iso-Strength and Stress Test.
  • CSAFE port and 8-volt DC power port for TV or other controllers.
  • Download results to USB flashdrive. Simply plug your USB key in the Fit-Key slot and your work-out will be copied in a text ! le for saving and printing.
  • 7” LCD display with user friendly interface using tactile keypad, color coded with audible beep.
  • Automatic cool down after each exercise is completed.
  • Display Feedback: Heart rate, time, RPM, calories, distance/miles, level, watts and MET’s with two change view screens
  • Adjustable console angle to accommodate users at all positions.
  • USB charger for phones, mp3 players and other electronic devices
  • Warranty :

    • 3 year parts, 1 year labor.
    • 1 Year warranty on pedals and seats.
    • Wear items (rubber hand grips and pedal straps) are excluded from warranty.

SCIFIT ISO1000 Upright Exercise Bike Cost

The latest cost of SCIFIT ISO1000 Upright Exercise Bike will be updated soon.

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