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Ironman Fitness

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Ironman Fitness

Ironman is a good brand which is offering treadmills that belong in the low to mid-priced range category. The best part is that, it is their cheaper models that are really catching people’s attention. So if you’re looking for an affordable quality treadmill, then this brand can give you a few to choose from. Ironman brand is owned by Keys Fitness, a company located in Garland, Texas. Keys fitness started producing treadmills in 1997, but they have been in the fitness industry for some time now selling dumbbells and other strength training products.

Manufacturing of all the Ironman fitness products are done in the U.S. but in order to stay competitive, they import most of their component parts overseas. As a result, some of their previous machines have had some quality issues. Keys Fitness owns at least 6 treadmill brands with each of them catering different needs and budgets. These brands include Alliance, Encore, and Health Trainer just to name a few. The Ironman treadmills are priced low for the quality of the parts they set in. You get what you pay for when buying these treadmills.

Experts and customer reviews have again and again reported that the treadmills are well-built and solid in their movement. The only problem with the overall structure of the treadmill is the thicker tread belt surface with the lower HP motor. They may have been a bit over their head when making the thick surface. It is extremely easy to burn out the motor if you run for long periods of time.

Ironman Fitness Products

  • Treadmills
  • Treadmill Walking Deck
  • Ellipticals


Ironman Products are available at a price of $800 dollars. The company is offering 10 year motor warranty in all Ironman products. Other warranties include lifetime for frames, 2 years for parts and 1 year for labor.

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