Fuel FE 46 Elliptical

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Fuel FE 46 Elliptical Features

  • Very fluid and exceptional stability created by an industrial weighted flywheel.
  • Full 20 inch stride length creating a comfortable full motion.
  • Built in speakers and MP3 player plug in capability (MP3 Player not included) and Water bottle holder.
  • Articulating footpads, found on higher end units whereby the footpad rotates slightly during the elliptical motion to keep your feet, ankles and knees in the proper alignment.
  • Its console/computer offers 14 pre-set programs and "one touch" controls for resistance.

Fuel FE 46 Elliptical Specification

  • Model– FE46
  • Stride Length– 20
  • Flywheel– 21 lbs
  • Articulating Footpad– Yes
  • Resistance Control– Power Control
  • Resistance Type– 0-15
  • Power– Plug-in
  • Adaptor– AC120V/DC6V/500mA
  • Speaker & MP3– Yes
  • Hand Pulse– Yes
  • Windows– LCD window w/ back light
  • Backlight– Yes
  • Built-in Programs– 14
  • Footprint– 27"Wx69"L
  • Cartoon Size– 33"H X 23"D X 66 "L

List of Fuel FE 46 Elliptical Reviews

Reviews By Ratings Comments
ToughTrain 3.5 out of 5 Have above than average feature and available in a descent price. 4.05 out of 10 The E 25 from Sole is a much better option. 2.5 out of 5 Fuel Fitness’s FE46 is inexpensive, but it’s durable if used by lightweight exercisers.

Fuel FE 46 Elliptical Cost 6.31 out of 10 With the much shorter warranty and some component downgrades, we would go with the 790 Interactive if you like this one.

Price of Fuel FE 46 Elliptical in USD: $799.00
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Fuel FE 46 Elliptical Owner’s Manual, Machine Instruction and User Guide

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