The Art of Making Sex Sacred

The Art of Making Sex Sacred

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The Art of Making Sex Sacred

This is a very useful book written by Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa for intimate relationships. It enables you to reclaiming self-reverence and respect, gaining self-awareness, rejuvenating one`s sexual health, and rebuilding intimacy. Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga answers delicate questions in each chapter, couples tell stories, and special foods and recipes designed to enhance the experience of sex are included. Here in the last chapter ogf this book the auther has also shared his 37 years of marriage and counseling experience.

Author of The Art of Making Sex Sacred

Author-Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa

Price in USD-$45.00

Publisher-Versa Press Inc.

Publication Date-2009

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