Elite Fitness Customer Support in New Zealand

Elite Fitness Customer Support in New Zealand

The primary aim of Elite Fitness is to assist in keeping user's fitness equipment in the best working order possible, to ensure its longevity and safe use, and to be on hand when technical information, repairs and parts are required. There are several services centers in various part of the country to avail its customers with the best service. Just call the service centers and get repaired your Elite Fitness equipment

Contact Details

For Service Request Form : Visit
North Island Service (Auckland) : 09 258 9067
Lower North Island Service (Wellington) : 04 237 8952
South Island Service (Christchurch) : 03 341 6429
Lower South Island Service (Dunedin) : 03 477 6920

Important Number of Elite Fitness For Service To Remember For Parts

North Island (Auckland) : 09 836 8583
For Part Request Form : Visit
For Warranty Request Form : Visit

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