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The Confidence is a popular brand which produce other products other than treadmill. Confidence fitness equipments can be handled easily makes them an affordable machine for every household, so you can be burning fat without the hassle of having to go to the gym or stimulating the weather.It is ideal for people new to running and those looking to shed a few extra pounds, and with its folding design and wheels, it is easy to store and roll away.

Confidence fitness equipments are famed for burning fats in a very faster pace and people have exceptional positive reviews about them.

Confidence Fitness Products

Confidence Fitness Product’s Price start from $ 200 dollars.

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4 Responses to “Confidence Fitness”

Rodger Deyn

I am trying to get in touch with Confidence Training but have found that the contact details listed on your website are not for the manufacturing company.
Please see the above website.
Do you have the correct website as I am tyring to find a manual for a product of theirs that I have?

Michael Fish

This contact information listed for Confidence Fitness Products is not associated at all with the contact information you have on your site. The Confidence Fitness site listed on your website is for a small business for personal training based in Nashville, TN. Take that information off of your site.

Devora A.

Please post the CORRECT contact information for this product. This is a terrible product and you have posted the wrong contact person for this product.

Eileen Houser

Where can I get a manual for my electric foot pedal excersizer. It’s Confidence Fitness brand. I have tried looking through your on-line page but cannot find a catagory for it.

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