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Bowflex Fitness

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Bowflex Fitness

The Bowflex is a renowned brand in the fitness equipment's. The Bowflex series 7 is a popular treadmill which is famous among users as it is a kind of exercise machine that one can find convenient as well as nice-looking at the same time. The entire look of the equipment is so impressing that it has ranked among the best treadmills of the world.Bowflex is such a brand which been gaining popularity even in the world’s fitness industry, people are talking only positive about Bowflex treadmill in most of the reviews in well-known health websites or popular health and fitness magazines.

So if you want to have a highly functional treadmill with loads of handy features and adjustable settings, you can consider buying this device. This Bowflex products are designed that would improve your health as well as your fitness level. You can use it to keep your present weight constant or to lose more weight.

Bowflex Fitness Products

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Bowflex products range starts from $1200 dollars

The Bowflex products are well designed to keep the user fit and steady. The products range also includes strength machines. People like house wives and those who have less knowledge of workout can also easily use Bowflex treadmill or other products. Women who are not comfortable in going to gym or want to save money can install Bowflex products at their home as it will suit their pocket and also reduce all the flabs away from their body. The Products comes with features like twelve intensity settings, six electronic functions, and five LCD readout windows, and the monitor every aspect of your workout, including speed, time, distance, calories burned, calories per minute, and total step.


Three years on motor, two years on electronics and parts, and one year on hydraulics according to Bowflex.

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