Star Trac Smith Machine

Star Trac Smith Machine is a strength machine suitable for lower body exercise.

Star Trac Smith Machine Features

  • Rotating Olympic handle insures easy releaseand reset of bar with each set
  • Adjustable red safety catches to insure proper execution of all exercises
  • Enhanced biomechanics with the 7 degreeangle for squatting and pressing motions
  • Counterbalanced Olympic bar with 15 lb (6.8kg) take off weight for all user levels
  • Six marked weight storage pegs per side to accommodate all plate increments
  • Open front design allows for use of any portable benches
  • Rubber feet for floor protection

Star Trac Smith Machine Specifications

  • Length – 67" (170.1 cm)
  • Height – 82" (208.2 cm)
  • Width : 89" (226 cm)
  • Ship Weight – 680 lbs (309 kg)
  • Bar Weight – 15 lbs


  • Frame – 10 Years
  • Moving Parts -5 Years
  • Upholstery Stitching– 90 Days

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