Star Trac High Row

Star Trac High Row is also a leverage strength machine suitable for back exercises. This exercise machine is similar to a traditional rowing machine along with some additional features for safety as well as quick result. It features a starting resistance of 6.6 lbs, integrated plate storage, an weight capacity of 270 lbs etc.

Star Trac High Row Specifcations

  • Starting Resistance- 5 lbs per arm
  • Maximum User Capacity- 270 lbs (123 kg)
  • Overall Weight - 550 lbs (249.4 kg
  • Length - 80.7" (205 cm
  • Width : 50.5" (128.3 cm)
  • Height - 80.1" (203.5 cm)

Star Trac High Row Features

  • Max capacity 270 lbs ( 123 kg) per arm
  • Low load points for safe and simple use
  • Stainless steel knurled grip
  • Intuitive touch points & user friendly gas shock assisted seat adjust
  • Integrated plate storage
  • Unilateral independent arm motion
  • Converging motion with user pre- stretch adjustments for optimal start position
  • One of a kind lever and cam system for optimum biomechanics


  • Frame – 10 Years
  • Moving Parts -5 Years

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