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Top 10 Reasons Why You Feel Tired

Just in case you think that you are the only one who suffers frequent fatigues, just relax! There is whole lot of guys complaining the same about themselves. Regaining your energy is not that complicated, as you feel. Actually, in the hassle full lives of today, we just don't pamper ourselves as much as our body requires and ultimately as a result of gradual slowdown in our metabolism, we starts suffering from frequent fatigues or tiredness. However, a lot of people relate fatigue with mere sleeplessness, but there are so many other possible factor sand symptoms for fatigue. Let's have a look what are the top 10 reasons why people feel tired.


You saw this one coming, right??? Of course, this one has to be the biggest and most common reasons behind one feeling tired or suffering constant fatigue. Lack of sleep doesn’t only consume that extra bit of energy from your body but is also hindering your muscles from the refreshment and rejuvenation they need as well as they deserve after that tiring day at office.

Over training

In case, you just stepped up your workout by few more steps and feel like being absolutely spent the post that. It is a clear indication that trying to pull the rubber more than its elasticity, which makes it obvious for the rubber to either suffer fatigue or to break-off. The more you train, more recovery your body needs (of course depending upon your metabolism). Otherwise, the constantly breaking muscles and cells will lead to ultimate exhaustion.

Under eating

Well, it is one of the most obvious reasons behind tiredness. You can drive your car only as much as you fuel it. Under eating or even wrong eating (malnutrition) will make your blood sugar peak and crash, ultimately leaving you sluggish. Especially, the habit of skipping breakfasts is most common among people. Your breakfast is nutritionally most important meal of the whole day and avoiding breakfast (any meal for that matter) will leave you tired and exhausted.

Depression or Too much of Stress

Depression is something which doesn’t only harm you emotionally but physically as well. A loss of appetite, sadness accompanied by the feelings of exhaustion is a clear indication that you are stressed. In fact, many doctors also relate depression to lack of proper sleep, which again is one of the prime reasons behind one feeling tired or suffering constant fatigue.


In case of people suffering from diabetes, the sugar stays in their bloodstream instead to travelling to the body’s cells (where it was supposed to be converted into energy), this lack of energy is the first and foremost reason behind diabetic people getting tired very frequently. This can also be understood as, “When ample insulin is not there, or the insulin isn’t working effectively enough, it will hinder the sugar in our blood from getting into our cells and therefore our cells do not receive the energy they need to operate. As a result, we feel tired”.


Anemia is also one of the prime reasons that cause constant run-downs. This is mainly because of the lack of Red Blood Cells (Affect of Anemia), which hinders the sufficient transportation of oxygen to body tissues and other organs. The lack of required oxygen at the body tissues and organs causes frequent fatigues and tiredness. The most common cause of anemia is iron deficiency and can be treated by eating iron-rich food such as lean meat, shellfish and iron-fortified cereals, or taking iron supplements.


Thyroid is a small gland in your neck area and is responsible for regulating your metabolism rapidly or how slowly your body converts the food into energy. Both Over-and under-active thyroids can result in fatigue, because either if your body is converting the food into energy too slowly (lower energy gain) or just too rapidly (lack of prolonged energy production), in both cases it is obvious for you to experience frequent tiredness.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

CFS causes prolonged fatigue. So, if are suffering from a constant fatigue for last six months or more, it possibly be because of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Though there may be many symptoms for CFS, but the persistent and unexplained exhaustion is one of the main symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As per a survey conducted by NHS, around 250,000 people in the UK suffer from this condition.

Sleep Apnoea

This condition stops your breathing many a times during your sleep. Sleep Apnoea is a disorder that robs you of your sleep, sometimes without you even knowing about it. Therefore, even after spending a due time in bed, sleep apnoea results in leaving you sleep deprived, and feeling exhausted throughout the next day. It is one of the most common problems amongst over-weighted middle-aged people. The most suggested solution by doctors is to lose weight, stopsmoking and avoid alcohol in the evening

Gluten Intolerance

Gluten or food intolerance is a condition wherein your body doesn’t react well to certain types of food items.Lakatos Shames says, “When you truly have a food intolerance like celiac disease or are non-celiac gluten sensitive, the gluten can cause your small intestines to become inflamed”. Even in case your small intestine is caused damage by inflammation, your body isn’t able to properly absorb nutrients into the bloodstream and this also can lead to malnourishment and fatigue.

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