Top 10 Women’s Health Magazines

Magazines are the mirrors that offers you with information of various fields. Women health magazines strictly deals with issues related to women health and also provides beneficial tips to keep yourself updated. Here is a list of Top 10 Women's Health Magazine, prepared by ToughTrain

Top 10 Women's Health Magazine

Women's Health

1. Women’s Health

Women’s Health magazine is written for a new generation of women that want practical information on healthy living. This magazines publishes 10 different issues per year and provides tips and advice for integrating getting in shape and feeling good into their busy schedules.


2. Health

Health is another popular magazine related to women health. It publishes 10 issues per year and suggest valuable tips to its readers. It eatures informative articles on how to stay fit, look great and feel fantastic. This Health magazine offers reliable information to help manage your healthy life.


3. Shape

Shape is a highly selling magazine for women’s health. Here the experts provides advice on health and fitness issues like exercise, nutrition and psychology. Shape is a complete health conscious magazine and publishes 12 issues per year along with tips to overcome this issues.


4. Fitness

Fitness is another well known women’s magazine, devoted to women’s total well-being – mind, body and spirit. It publishes 10 women issues per year and offers expert advice on fitness, beauty, relationships, health, diet and nutrition.


5. Oxygen

Oxygen magazine is an ultimate guide into the invigorating world of women’s fitness. This magazine publishes 12 issues per year , dedicated to women who wish to better themselves through proper nutrition and exercise.

Real Simple

6. Real Simple-

Real simple is another popular health magazine for women. This magazine is about implifying your life, home, body and soul. This magazine, publishing 12 different issues per year, offers ideas for home, food, money, clothes, health, work, family and holidays in each issue.


7. Prevention

This well known health magazine for women provides healthy solutions for weight loss and disease prevention to its readers. Prevention magazine has its readers all over the globe. Per year this magazine publishes 12 issues and experts suggests healthy tips on health, anti-aging, diets, nutrition, family, fitness and food.


8. Self

Self magazine is very popular American magazine for women, which provides tips on health, fitness, nutrition, beauty and happiness. This magazine is published 12 issues a year and experts provides beneficial tips on this issues.

Body and Soul

9. Body+Soul

A very well known magazine for women on health and wellness. Body and Soul magazine publishes 10 issues per year, comes in easy to read format.
Price in USD – $10

Natural Health

10. Natural Health

Natural Health magazine is a magazine about leading a healthy life, the natural way. This magazine publishes 6 issues per year and offers beneficiary tips on fitness, health, healing foods, home remedies, organic gardening and new products.

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