Top 10 Healthiest Cities

A healthy mind is also very necessary along with a healthy body. Few cities in the world are have been able to maintain a equal balance in this sector. For a healthy mind you need a clean healthy ambiance and consequently can maintain a healthy physic. Healthy food is also one of the prime reason for a healthy body. According a census following cities have been marked to be the most healthiest in the world.

Top 10 Healthiest Cities

1. Hong Khong

Hong Khong

2. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

4. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

5. Sydney, Australia

 Sydney, Australia

6. Minneapolis-St Paul, USA

Minneapolis-St Paul, USA

7. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

8. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

9. Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada

10. Zuric Switzerland

Zuric Switzerland

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