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18 Tips That Will Surprisingly Swipe Away Your Body Fat

A flat, well-toned body is a desire of all. However, in the busy city lifestyle of today, it's too hard to take out time for yourself and your workouts. Moreover, the night shift jobs, continuous sitting for hours in office, make it tougher for one to stay fit and avoid unwanted body fats. Although, there is nothing like exercising in the gym or working out to lose weight, but still there are few small tips that can help you put your body fat away, without having to devote hours to ass-burning workouts.

Here are the Top-18 Key Tips that you can easily Incorporate in Your Day to Day Life, to Reduce Your Body Fat

  1. Drink a lot of Water; Water is the carrier medium for most of cellular activities including regulation of fat. Drink at least 1 ounce of water per 2 pounds of bodyweight a day.
  2. Burn more calories than you consume; keep a track of number of calories that you are eating everyday and make sure you are burning ample of them.
  3. Never skip on a breakfasts, but also ensure that you do not over eat it. Usually people, who don’t breakfast, tend to starve by the time they have lunch, which makes them overeat at their lunch.
  4. Drink black coffee before or after workout, this makes your body to consume your body fat as fuel for workout, rather than your body glucose.
  5. Eat number of small meals a day, instead of two or three large meals. This allows your metabolism to easily burn calories from your last diet (smaller in number) before you go for the next diet.
  6. Use Creatine; Creatine is a potent muscle builder supplement, those catalyses the burning of your fat and transforms you into a muscular (rather than bulky) shape.
  7. Consume Fibers as a part of your daily food. Fibers lower down the insulin levels along with the total calories.
  8. Eat a lot of roughage foods like cucumber, beans, fruits and nuts. Roughage are fat-less and carbohydrate rich products. Roughage foods serve starving, without putting on any fat over your body.
  9. Go for Green Tea instead of normal tea; without any side-effects, this healthy ferment acts like a diet drug in a mug. Green tea increases the amount of fat that your body eliminates and decreases the amount of fat that your body normally absorbs.
  10. Never skip on your sleeps; a lack of sleep often results in slowing down your metabolism. Slower the metabolism, slower gets the calorie consumption by your body, which in turn puts fat on your body.
  11. Eliminate refined foods such as breads, pasta, packaged baked goods, cereal etc from your diet.
  12. Every morning (empty-stomach), drink a glassful of warm water with dissolved honey. This burns the unnecessary body fat.
  13. Do not under eat or over diet, this will make your body starve. Starving to lose weight is never good. You ultimately end up on losing more than just your weight.
  14. Quit on alcohol consumption; consuming alcohol while trying to lose fat is just like trying to move ahead by taking one step forward followed by three steps backward. Alcohol consumption will set you back for weeks (depending how much you consume).
  15. Regulate your diets at least once in every three months; Consumption of the similar diets over longer periods of time causes your metabolism to saturate.
  16. Avoid stress by meditations; Stress often cause you to overeat which leads to unnecessary fats on your body.
  17. Eat protein rich diets instead of fat rich ones, proteins pump your metabolism up.
  18. Go for interval workouts instead of normal ones. Interval training makes you burn more calories than normal training, even while you are not exercising.

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