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Things to Avoid on Your “Mission Fitness”

Who doesn’t like eating cheesy burgers and pizzas without it showing a nibble on their stomach. But, sadly it’s not that way. Achieving ultimate fitness is not that easy, it requires dedication and hard work. Although people often are not able to optimize their efforts due to lack of knowledge or may be due to lack of determination. One you set yourself on your mission to gain absolute fitness, no matter how hard you work or how smart you work, you can’t reach your goal without due sacrifices. Fitness is a combination of hard work, dedication and sacrifices. Don’t worry you are not supposed to donate a single Grand, all you need to sacrifice is some unhealthy habits and unhealthy food items of yours.

Things to Avoid

Here is a List of Things You Should Avoid on Your “Mission Fitness”

1- Alcohol

This is no rocket science fact, almost all of us know this bitter truth but only few are ready to compromise with alcohol for the sake of their fitness. But, if you are seriously looking to erase a few years from your face, you must quit (or only rarely consume) alcohol. Frequent consumption of alcohol retards your metabolism and endurance as well. In fact most of the doctors in the World, regard alcohol as “Empty Calories and Null nutrition”. Slower the metabolism means slower the fat burning inside your body and lesser the fitness. So, no matter how many crunches you put up in a day or how many miles your run through in the morning, you will not be ending up as a winner until you quit on your alcohol fantasies.

2- Just Dinner and Bed

We all must have heard of the famous old saying “Early to bed, early to rise”. But in no ways whatsoever does it mean that your dinner must be immediately followed by your bed. I hope you have got the sense of what I am trying to tell you. It is never a good idea to go resting or sleeping immediately after having your dinner. While sleeping, our metabolism rate gets too slow and that doesn’t allow proper oxidation of the last night’s dinner food. This ultimately leads to improper burning of the fatty acids, which then start to show up on our body as fat. So, it is always suggested to follow your dinner with a healthy little walk to allow proper burning of your eating.

3- Soda

“Not even just fitness freaks, everyone should nix soda from his/her diet”, say dieticians and doctors. The soda drinks are full of empty calories, which do nothing except adding fat to your belly. Moreover, the high sugar in soda drinks is present in the form of fructose, which is just that more difficult to burn off. This high fructose corn syrup is known to cause obesity, which is more apparent in your abdomen.

4- Pizzas and Burgers

They may taste lovingly delicious on your taste buds and may not look any unhealthy whatsoever. But enriched with saturated oil and salt, pizzas and burgers contain high amounts of saturated fatty acids, which are never good for health. The saturated fatty acids consist of triglycerides, which do not burn-off easily but ultimately add to your body fat. You would be shocked to know that an average slice of pizza contains around 250 calories.

5- White Breads

The so called “Wheat Breads” are no more pure wheat, instead breads now consists of lethal organic chemicals bleach and beached flour is used to produce these highly processed breads. Consisting of almost zero nutrition, white breads are enriched with shortening, emulsifiers, glycerides and lactase that may contribute significantly to your body’s empty calorie count. Many cases have also shown that white breads may at times lead to diabetes as well.

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