Right Way to Use Whey Protein

This is the Right Way to Use Whey Protein

A fit body is a home for a healthy mind. Training your body and outgrowing your limits consistently, is one of the hardest things to do. However, the success mantra for a well-shaped body is training in addition to nutrition.

While supplying your body with the proper nutrition, you must know the right way to do it. Read about the right way to consume proteins, the building block of our muscles.

Alongside Daily Routine

Whey is the only protein that supports lean bulking, weight loss and maintaining muscle mass, and thus proves to be an absolute necessity for all the people, despite their goals.

If you aim to lean bulk, that is, grow your muscle size without gaining fat, having a full protein breakfast is the way to go. This is because we do not consume any calories during our sleep, which results in muscle breakdown.

To minimize this breakdown, having proteins alongside the daily breakfast is an absolute necessity.

Whey is also known to cut down on hunger, which is a boon for all the people aiming to lose weight. A protein shake adds sufficient calories and deviates from other high-calorie junk foods.

Whey can be consumed with almost everything, giving us a free hand to mix and match. For the people aiming to add some muscle mass, it is suggested to consume proteins before going to bed.

The reason behind this is, most of our body recovers during the night while the muscles are at rest. A protein shake before bed will provide all essential amino acids, facilitating a speedy muscle recovery.

Pre-Workout Protein

A protein shake before your workout acts like fuel for the muscles. This is because of the BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) present in proteins. BCAAS does not require processing from the liver and are directly absorbed into the bloodstream, supplying essential boost to muscles during the workout itself.

A scoop of whey (between 20-30 grams) will prove to be the most appropriate pre-workout shake, as it starts the process of protein synthesis while training itself.  The latest research also suggests that burning more calories might be an added benefit of pre-workout protein shakes.

Post-Workout Protein

A post-workout protein intake is crucial because of the elevation in blood flow after a workout. The absorption power of nutrients by the body is heightened due to the wear and tear of muscles.

Researchers have also found that when Whey Protein is consumed post workout, it helps the body to recover faster than any other protein.  Also, for a muscle-boosting effect, a typical scoop of 25-30 grams of whey should be consumed within an hour after workout.

There are no specific rules for consuming Whey at a particular time or in a precise way. It is of great importance to understand that your total protein intake throughout the day matters far more than a protein shake.

Ideally, your diet should suffice with all necessary nutrients and not depend on whey as the only source of protein intake.

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