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Your Body Speaks, Listen to it !

Often, it is the case that people are in so much of hurry to stretch their endurance and attain ultimate fitness that they ignore what their body is trying to tell.Once you are on your mission to get absolute fitness, it is also very important to give enough relaxation to your body, every time after you workout. Non-stop workouts may well result in your body fatigue for a considerable period of time, and suddenly you find yourself lagging even behind where you began from, OMG! This is serious...


Continuous pain after or during a workout is a serious indication that your body needs “Rest for Now”. Generally people ignore such signals, in a hurry to get fit and tend to carry on with their routine. However, fitness is something which is “Developed not Produced” all of a sudden.

So, better try pushing your endurance steadily instead of trying to stretch it all of a sudden.

How To Relax and Be Imperishable

Take Your Time

Take Your Time

Proper time periodization between consecutive workouts is considered as the most important and most effective measure to let your body regain from its fatigue or exhaustion. Generally, a good exercise routine maintains a time gap of 24-48 hours between two consecutive sessions of exercises focusing on same section of the body.

Adequate Sleep

Adequate Sleep

A healthy mind is home to a healthy body”. Rejuvenate and relax your senses by sleeping for at least 6-8 hours per day (24-hours). For exercisers it is very important to keep their mental in a very sound state to avoid mental irritations and exhaustions from physical workouts.



Every time you put your body through an exhausting workout, it is very important to follow it up with a nice stretch to your body parts. Due to the magnitude of physical intensity involved in the workouts, muscles tend to tighten up. In order to maintain a fit and flexible shape, it is very important to release the tension from muscle fibers by stretching them post exercising.


Go Spa or Massage

It might not be possible to enjoy this relaxing luxury every day. But try visiting a Spa or Massage center at least once or twice a week. This will rebound your muscles going through daily wear and tear of taunting workout schedules.


Go Swimming

Even today in times of modern equipments and diet plans, the Orthodox swimming is right there at the top amongst all the relaxation methods. Swimming reignites you with freshness and energy. Moreover, swimming also burns numerous calories of yours along with rehydrating you. Hence, serves two motives at one go.  So, GO SWIMMING…

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