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Protein Supplements Side Effects

Protein is very essential for muscle building, but there is a limit. Secondly simply consuming protein powders and relaxing on the sofa, won't work, one must workout hard to train well the body muscles. Excessive use of anything is not good, so is a protein supplement. Side effects of protein supplements are very few but are menacing. So do follow a proper guide and avoid use of excessive protein powders for a sound health.

Protein Supplements Side Effect

Fat Gain – Protein powder contains extra calories, which is not suitable for your body. Over use of protein powders or neglecting physical workouts can deposit higher amount of calories, which will finally convert into fat. Do follow a proper workout plan.

Kidney Damage – Consumption of high protein foods deposits excess amount of waste products called ketones, which put strain on the kidney. These wastes are only burnt with heavy physical workouts. People with reduced kidney function this stress can worsen the condition, so be careful, use only the amount you can burn.

Bone Loss – High protein supplements contains excess sulphates and phosphates, which in turn generates large number of acid in the body. This imbalance of acid is restored by the kidney, excreting calcium from the skeleton. Loss of excess calcium from bones will result in a much weaker bone.

Dehydration- While taking a high protein supplements, it is suggested to have enough carbohydrates too, neglecting of which can push the body into ketosis, a state in which there is a build-up of toxic ketones in the body. The kidney then try to wipe out the ketones through urine, which also sheds excess amount of water from the body, causing dehydration.

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June 10, 2014 12:14 pm

What a great write up. Most people think that protein supplements are all natural and will work miracles. But I like how your article pointed out how with protein supplements, a physical workout schedule is vital to get the most benefit. Also moderation is a great key as well. Thanks for the very informative post.