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Do You Know These 5 Myths About Workouts

Well, till this point in time, you might be feeling that you are a pro in bodybuilding and you know everything about getting fit. This article may just surprise you with some of the most common myths that people (may be you as well) carry about working out. With a lot of fictions in the market, it's easy to fall in the trip. Some of them are just harmless but most of such myths can actually have adverse affects. The unproductiveness of ass-burning workouts may cause frustration within you or may cause injuries as well.

We all have different sorts of body physiques and varying metabolisms as well. So what (exercise) may absolutely suit one person is not always obvious to suit others also and this is one of the main reasons why myths generate and spread. However, there are certain basic facts about workouts, which are for everyone. So here we have a list of Top-5 myths about working out, along with their logical explanations and basic facts.

Until you feel exhausted by your workout, you’re not done with it!

Trying to achieve too much, too early is one of the most common mistakes that beginners and even returners often tend to do about their workouts. One of the main reasons behind this is when someone is beginning or returning to exercises, his/her muscles are completely relaxed and he/she may continue to feel OK even if he/she is actually overdoing it and muscles are getting exhausted. This may lead to delayed occurrences of fatigue or even muscle torn-offs.

Ab-crunches is All You Need To Get Rid of Belly Fat

Absolutely not, your core is actually a representative of your overall fitness and a tight six-pack can only be achieved by performing exercises that work on every part of your body along with your core of course. It is not possible to spot reduce fat from the body, in fact your abs muscles are the last ones to get toned. Exercises like running and biking help decrease your overall body fat content; this includes your belly fat as well.

Strength Training Makes You Bulky

Getting a bulky body is the last thing anyone wants from his/her workout. Especially women are most worried of strength training as they feel that lifting heavy weights will make them look broad and bulky. Though it is just not like that. Building muscles and losing fat go hand in hand. As the muscles develop, they require more calories to maintain themselves and in turn, they burn our body fat to obtain adequate energy for themselves. This results in producing a lean and toned body for you. So, the more muscle you carry the more calories and fat you will burn (given that you have a healthy metabolism).

You Need to Continuously Exercise Long for an Effective Workout

On the Contrary, Interval training workouts have been studied and reported to produce more effective results. Actually, more than time, it’s the intensity that matters during a workout session. Higher the intensity, higher is the number of calories burned during workout. In fact the interval workouts even burn a considerable number of calories, even after the workout. So, several small intervals of high intensity workouts are far more effective than a single continuous long interval of a low intensity workout.

Stretching Before Workout Gets You Ready for the Things To Come

The ultimate goal of stretching your muscles is to remove the tension from them, so that they do not get cramped. The tension occurs in your muscles only after you workout. So it makes more sense to stretch your muscles after exercising, so as to avoid any cramps. In fact, stretching before workout may destabilize your muscles, making them ill prepared for arduous exercises to come, especially if you’re doing something like weight-lifting. Instead, do a warm-up, which will set your blood pumping.

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