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Some Misconceptions About Running

When you talk about the word EXERCISE, the true gem among the numerous of exercises has always been and will always be RUNNING. Probably the simplest and most effective of them all, Running is truly worth this honor. It’s just about you, your space and your will to run and there you go flying. Running results in making you respiratory organs strong and also helps in potential weight loss , improved cardiovascular fitness, reduced total blood cholesterol.

However, there is also an abundance of the myths and misconceptions regarding Running. But the fact remains that there is nothing better and simpler than running, when it comes to gaining Fitness.


Some of the misconceptions regarding Running

You Are Not Running Adequately Fast

Most of the Pros in Running will agree to the fact that once they were beginners, they were spoofed with this very statement, “You are running too slowly”. Running as an exercise is all about enjoying yourself Go, not about meeting some limits (of course there is no point in running just too much slow). The Doctors and Physicians say, “If you are running for fitness, you can run at the speed of your comfort, up to a distance of your comfort”. Obviously, as you will keep getting fitter your definition of Slow or Too Slow will change accordingly.

Running Deteriorates your Knees

A big NO… The researchers proved that instead of causing any sort of damage to your knees, A healthy Running exercise strengthens them and enhances your metabolism. Running makes you calf muscles strong which are an important part of your leg and provides strength to you legs. You have seen the footballers right! have you seen their calf muscles , those are strong which makes ther legs strong.

Running Barefoot is less prone to Injuries

However, just opposite is the case. Running barefoot increases chances of you landing your feet badly or at and awkward angle, which in turn can cause severe damage to your foot. Always wear shoes while you run, until you are a PRO at running barefooted.

No Running During Cold and Rainy Days

You would have heard not to run while its raining which will make you sick or dont run during colds or either you will get cold. But the truth is that if you are sitting in you room you are more prone to germs and may get sick , instead if you love to go for running daily, go for a run.

Jogging in Park

Before You Start Running !

Slower You Go Farther

Studies have shown that when you start running too slow with a continuous downfall in you speed, aiming a long target. Instead of ending up at the desired target, you finish way shorter. This is mainly because of the de motivation that builds up from expansion of muscles, while you slow down your speed after beginning at a considerable pace. Therefore, it is advised to run at a constant and comfortable (without huffing and puffing) speed, if you wish to go long.

Stretching Before Running

It is only after a run or a little workout that our muscles start getting warm. There is no point in stretching your muscles before they are warm, infact you may well end up in having a hamstring.

It is Ok to Skip Your Weekly Offs

Muscles face serious fatigue during the daily ass-burning sprints. They need their rejuvenation too. So, it is a must to take at least a day or two off from your daily running routine to refuel your muscles. Else you may well end up facing serious muscle fatigue, causing you a lot more than a day or two OFFs from Running.

It’s Good to Stop and Run

Instead of running short distances in multiple parts, you should try to run long in one single Go. It increases your endurance and hence the fitness. Running in multiple parts causes your muscles to restrain and expand too frequently, which is never good and increases the chances of your ligaments tearing out.

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