Homemade Protein Powder

Health Enthusiasts, Come Let’s Make Protein Supplement at Home

Protein powder is a blessing. Because consuming chicken bones is a little inconvenient. From muscle building to getting that well-toned body, protein plays a pivotal role. But, the controversies floating around protein powder consumption and its side effects are worrisome.

So, what options is one left with?

Over the period the fitness enthusiasts have come up with alternatives that are safe for health and also provide a significant dose of protein. They have come up with ingredients that could be combined to make protein supplements at home. These homemade supplements are as beneficial as their commercial counterpart.

Amongst all the recipes floating over the internet, the most efficient, budget-friendly and super-nutritious recipes are mentioned on this blog.

Not-to-mention the first one is dietician recommended too.

Almonds and Oats Homemade Protein Powder Supplement


  1. 3 cups nonfat dry milk (equally divided)
  2. 1 cup instant dry oats
  3. 1 cup almonds
  4. Preferred Sweetener


  1. Blend 1 cup instant dry milk, oats, almonds until smooth.
  2. Place remaining instant dry milk in a blender and mix a few times.
  3. Store it in a BPA-free container and cover tightly.
  4. Keep it at room temperature and use within two weeks.
  5. To prepare the protein shake, blend 1/2 cup with 1/2-1 cup liquid; let it sit 10 minutes so that the oats plump. Add fruits, flavorings, or dairy product of your choice. We recommend vanilla or almond extract to make it all the more relishing.

Green and Gluten Free Homemade Protein Powder Supplement


  1. 1 cup grass-fed Collagen Hydrolysate powder
  2. 1 cup unflavored greens powder


  1. Stir both the ingredients together and store in a BPA-free airtight container.
  2. Blend 2 Tbsp of a mix of other preferred smoothie ingredients.

Two tablespoon of protein with smoothie contains 6 grams protein. If you double the amount of collagen recommended in the recipe it then you get 13 grams protein per 2 Tbsp serving. For an extra boost, you can blend two tablespoons of the same powder with 1 cup yogurt or milk. It will give you 21-25 grams protein.

If you are keen on experimenting with different ingredients and flavors, you could try the following recipe too.

  1. For protein base, choose either two tablespoons Spirulina or 3 tablespoons Nutritional yeast.
  2. Then select either of the following protein-rich seeds.
  3. Three tablespoon Chia seeds, Hemp seeds, Sunflower seeds or Flax seeds.
  4. For add-ins, you can choose either ½ cup Almond meal, Carob powder or ¼ cup Maca powder.
  5. Then pick one of these high-protein nuts that would provide 9-14 grams protein/serving.
  6. ¼ cup dry or roasted Peanuts, Pistachios, or Almonds.
  7. For a spicy version add either 100 gms Cumin seeds, Garlic powder, Dried parsley or Dried Basil.
  8. Enhance the flavor by opting for 100 gms Cardamom, Black pepper, Dried oregano or Turmeric.

Grind all the above ingredients and blend them with a glass of non-dairy milk or water. You can add oats, honey, and a banana or add oatmeal to it. If you have a sweet tooth, add honey or dark chocolate and some protein powder to it. For a thick version add nuts and mix well.

Health benefits of homemade protein supplement are:

  • High quality
  • Customizable regarding flavors
  • No unhealthy oils, flavors
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No additives
  • Gluten, dairy, and sugar-free

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